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Elliott Brender MD

I do volunteer surgery in Cambodia. I don't carry malpractice insurance at all as I am also retired. Unfortunately I can't assist becauseof this. Not fair but that is the way it is. People in Cambodia as extremelt grateful for what I do and malpractice is unheard of.

CD133 antibody

Wonderful posts you have on your blog and I have bookmarked you and will visit yours often.

Mike Cornelia

Man, the malpractice world is out of control. I was a recent victim of malpractice and had to look into malpractice lawyers in philadelphia and go through the entire process of setting up a case. This is what I would consider the flip side of the malpractice world. If anything, your father should be given an award. This country's legal system makes me sick sometimes..I hope everything works out OK with your family.

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